I woke up forgetting what day it was thought it was Wednesday, rainy day so didn’t make it to trail today instead went to Sams club to stock up on supplies was fairly painless everybody was wearing masks that is so strange not being able to see people’s faces I am a social person I like to smile and speak to people but I don’t know how to send rube it was just strange. So I just got what I needed worked my list they were well stocked with everything including toilet paper 🧻 didn’t need any but still check and see if they have it bought black berrys after having some wish I would have bought 2 containers they were really good but my bill came to $149.11 as it was so I will just make them last.

oh yesterday I got new tires for my truck that was my excitement for the day yesterday I really needed them badly so that problem is out of the way for a while.

new tires pretty cool

It actually snowed a little bit today just flurries but still didn’t like seeing that white stuff and really for some warm weather I so badly need to take my bike out for a ride oh well it will,be here soon enough I suppose can’t wait to get back to normal is that ever happens