School is going pretty good so far nothing easy about it I am learning all over again how to study and focus and note taking I am finding out it was easier working then going to school I had my first test Monday in Residential Theory class I got 95% I would have done better if I had not missed the easiest question on the test, Then we got back our first test in Basic Electric I got 97% again another dumb mistake, I know the stuff but for some reason I panic when I get the test and have to start to answer questions, As far as Lab goes project # 1 through # 4 were practice all the rest are graded I got 100 % on # 5 and # 6 I start # 7 tomorrow My first test in Study Skills is tomorrow LOL I better not fail that one Plus I have my second test in Residential Theory class first thing in the morning I have been hitting the books pretty good tonight I think I will be fine Steelers are playing their last pre season game tonight so time to put the books away and enjoy some Football.

This weekend looks good weather wise so hopefully I can get some serious work done on my wood pile plus Sunday they are calling for 85 and no rain = Motorcycle. I keep forgetting this is a long weekend but as of right now I have no plans for Monday..

I need to keep adjusting my time to leave home in the morning I finally found that is I leave at 6:40 I miss a lot of the School bus traffic once I get into RT 422 it is all highway driving from that point I figured my mileage for my truck is 22.9 MPG it is 50 miles to school and today I made it in 55 minutes I can’t see how to cut any more time or miles off the travel it sure is eating up a lot of gas but I knew this was the way it is going to be, I have been packing my lunch everyday I could do without it being we get let out at 1:00 but since I don’t eat breakfast I am pretty darn hungry by 2:00 so lunch has been working out OK. 90 % of my class are new high School graduates so there is quite the age difference I pretty much stay to myself I am friendly with everybody but still it is hard to relate so I just focus on what I need to get accomplished there, This girl Natalie is right beside me in the lab I feel bad for her she always get 100% on all the written tests but is really struggling in the lab with her projects so I help her out when I can and she always asks me questions although she is starting to catch on she just needs to stop worrying about keeping up with everybody else and just focus on getting her projects right I always clean up her area for her so she can work right up to the bell.
Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉