I knew it was coming

Yesterday at work we had out much awaited Shaw Audit we have been preparing for this for months it is where an outside auditor comes in and go all around the shop area, inside and goes over all the records it is mostly an environment thing so of course my record keeping was very much in the spotlight. All went well actually it was the best Audit out entire company had there was a few issues with my record keeping but no violations so it was all good he was really impressed with out facility and housekeeping there was a lot of stress till it was over but we passed with flying colors, As soon as it was over they announced no more overtime, some reward huh but that is Ok I am tired of all the crazy hours but will miss the money.

I got my first load of wood Tuesday and started splitting I quit after 1/2 hour I was soaked from sweating it is unbearable hot out so I will just do it a little but at a time my goal is to be done with my wood by the end of September this will make my vacation a lot better knowing all that splitting and stacking is out of the way and I will be ready for winter..

Enjoy Life


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