Dreary day

it is surprising what sunshine can do to a person, it was a dreary and overcast morning I didn’t feel like being out there at all let alone do 5 miles I think it was on account of no sun, I made it though this was third day of 5 miles I ran out of water I saved one sip for the last half mile back to truck, I will take an extra bottle with me tomorrow, I walk 1 mile in one direction then come back to where I parked then do 3 the other direction so when I came back to truck after 2 miles then I will grab a fresh water.

this weekend is Jeep fest in Butler I guess the Jeep was invented somewhere up there so it is a big 3 day celebration, I think I will go up Friday all the Jeeps will be parked on Main Street with bands and food trucks, never went before as I had to always wake up at 3:00 am for work in Saturday but this year I am going.

Enjoy Life