Full Weekend

Friday I finished my first project it was a simple single pole switch controlling 3 lights it was easy, everybody is assigned a board mine is 46A we mount the device boxes and wire them install the devices put power to it and get it Okd they check the length of wire to the device and how neat the insulation is stripped and the connections, only one other person in the class got theirs done too so I suppose I will just do studying while everybody else finishes their project
Well this weekend sure did go by fast I went to the races Friday Night it was the last point race of the season and it started to rain right after the sprint feature but they at least got that in I was home before midnight. Saturday morning I started right into my wood my brother brought over his wood splitter for me to borrow so I worked on that off and on it was sooo hot out I would split and stack for a while then come in and do some homework in front of the AC Mom and Crista came over around 1:00 and we went to the new Chinese restaurant in Butler for lunch it was great that is now my favorite place to eat. After that I just pretty much did work on the wood and more homework. Today was pretty much the same I have ½ my winter supply of wood done hopefully this weekend I will finish all the wood and be all prepared for the long cold winter ahead. So all my tools and books are in the truck and my lunch is packed so I am done for the evening there is a pretty good movie on Sci Fi channel so I am going to park my tired butt on the couch.
Oh I signed up for my first unemployment check today life will be better once some money starts to come in my first check should be here Friday hopefully.
Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉