Time Managment

Well I do have to admit School does consume an awful lot of my time the big thing I have been learning in Study Skills is time management setting aside study time and just basically planning my day in the morning and following through it has been working out for me although I have to admit I really need to focus to stay with my daily schedule but it does help…..

Last week we had 2 tests on Tuesday My dreaded Basic Electric I have to work so hard to remember formulas and symbols and abbreviations I studied like I never did before on that one and it paid off I got 100 % I am really proud of that however I spent more time on that and not enough on the Residential Theory test I really blew that one I got a 90% and of course it was just a couple dumb mistakes I was so stressed over the Basic Electric that I did not pay good enough attention to a couple simple questions that I knew the answer to, Oh Well what is done is done I will do better next time. Lab is going good I am on Project # 16 and have gotten 100 % on all of them they are getting harder but I am understanding them more and more and am starting to enjoy doing the different circuits.

Now as far as Time management goes, Saturday evening Vicky called me and wanted to know if I wanted to go for a ride with her and Keith it took me 2 seconds to throw away my daily planner for Sunday and start over I said Yes, We rode up to Conneaut Lake Park for the Thunder on the Lake Rally I left my house at 8:00 because I needed fuel and it was so foggy and cold it was still about 58 degrees but I just dressed warm and it was Ok we got there around Noon by the time we picked up all the other riders and had breakfast there was 8 of us in all and wouldn’t you know it I loaned my digital camera to a friend and did not have it so I bought a disposal and had the prints put on a CD so I am not sure of the quality of the pictures I hope they turn out OK
[album 78237 bikeonly.jpg]
I had so much fun the ride went great the fog burned off and it really warmed up fast and was a beautiful day
[album 78237 girlsing.jpg]
Now I could have sat and drank beer and watched this sweet little thing sing all day but unfortunately I was 130 miles from home and rode my precious Heritage so I stayed away from the beer but she still looked good…
[album 78237 indian.jpg]
Now I don’t know what year this old Indian is but it sure was beautiful I am doing my 1000 Word report in Study Skills on the Indian Motorcycle Co I always loved the old Indians so I could not resist capturing this one on film
[album 78237 mobikes.jpg]
There was just so many bikes there and we all just had a blast we left there around 4:00 rode farther up North to Pymatuning and stopped for gas and Icecream then headed home with a dinner stop at a really nice resturant I got home pretty close to 8:00 LOL I had so much work to do to get ready for School but I finally made it to bed around Midnight I needed that break it just felt so good to get out into the open and ride we rode well over 200 miles Now I can’t wait for our Fall ride up into the mountains for the leaves changing
I am going to take a nap
Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

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