I miss my friends

Things have been going pretty much normal as far as normal goes these days in my life. School has been good although that long drive is hard on me sometimes, 100 miles round trip per day I just hope and pray my truck holds up. my scores have been OK we have 2 weeks left in the first semester I can’t believe that much school is over already I think it was last week Wednesday these girls from the Red Cross came in for their annual Blood drive thing but they came in during math class and we were taking a quiz I did not want to be interrupted as I am really struggling in math, they were really attractive ladies, but still I just did not listen and just passed the sign up sheet on, then Friday the day of the donations I was eating lunch and Natalie asked me if I was going to donate I said no and she whined a little bit and asked me to go with her and donate so I did that went good and I felt pretty good knowing that I may have helped someone out. Oh I think I mentioned this girl sitting behind me bitching about the electrical class was the only schooling that some organization would fund for her and she did not want to go through this class, anyhow she ended up getting kicked out for missing too many days this does not surprise me, another young kid got the boot for too many days off also.

I miss my friends,I miss my old job,I Miss having Money to spend on foolish things, It is so hard to let go I think of all the fun we used to have at work and how we all bonded spending all day together doing our jobs and working together, we all decided to keep in touch when it all ended, but that never seems to work out it has had me a little depressed lately they were like a second family to me and now it has been 2 months and I guess I am feeling a little lonely.I guess the one constant in life is change.

The funniest thing just happened Bertha found a mouse it is that time of the year I guess since it is getting so cold out, anyhow I tried to get it but she wanted it at the same time we were fighting over who would catch the damn thing finally she won she got it in her mouth and I just admitted defeat and let her outside with it but with the rain she will not be out there too long, I just check on her and the mouse got away she did not want to come back in LOL I think she would have chased that damn mouse out in the rain all evening.

I went to watch the game with Dad yesterday and finished one wiring job for Mom she wanted a motion detector light put up outside by the driveway and another outlet in the basement so after getting that job done I watched the game with Dad. Mom made Chili it was great and Cheese Cake for desert I had lots of leftovers to bring home, next week is a buy week but I will still go down Mom wants another but light put on the back of the house with a switch in the den, LOL old house wiring it the hardest but I should be able to get it done next Sunday
Enjoy Life
Tim 😉

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