Chilly Morning

This week was better than last our first semester is almost over then we get 2 days off Nov. 4th and 5th then second semester starts we are pretty well caught up on things we still have final exams in residential Theory class the finals will last 3 days that sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun. Monday and Tuesday I needed to take off school Career Track is going to fund 1/3 of my tuition as I am considered a displaced worker but I need to go take tests to see if I am smart enough to go to school Duh, this usually takes place before you enter school but in my case I was signed up early and was fortunate enough to work up in Connecticut till school started and you can’t start this process till you are qualified for unemployment, I am not happy with taking off, school days off affect your final grade but it will be worth it for the $5,000.00 grant money but still wish they could have done it on my days off. Tuesday is only suppose to be ½ day so hopefully I will be done in time to get to school and start to make up my time but even with making up time days off still affect your final grade. I have 2 tests Monday both teachers have agreed to let me make up the tests as soon as I get back, they say Career Track works closely with the school so I am going to find someone who takes care of the school stuff and see if there is anything they can do to keep these days off from hurting my as it is not my fault that I have to miss…
Crissy and I went out for dinner her boyfriend broke up with her so she was a little bummed but started to feel better although I could not get her to try the Squid last week I talked her into Frog Legs LOL I told her it tastes just like chicken she did not agree and not will not have anything to do with Squid. I was up late last night I guess I need to stay away from the late night Ice Tea, I was up at 8:00 it was chilly in here so I got a fire going on and started some laundry. Last night I stayed on my basic Math for studying I am getting it Ok but the percentages are giving me just a little bit of trouble but I should be fine with it I am ahead of what the class is doing and did several exercises and checked them with the calculator and they were all correct except for a couple simple math errors. I put the math book away and brought out the basic Electric book we are studying the chapter on Magnetism it is interesting but a lot to remember this will be our last chapter for this semester.
The Steelers are not playing Sunday ;-( I have more work to do at Mom’s so I will go and get that one then I am not sure what I will do the rest of the weekend It will be kind of a break Monday as I don’t need to be there for tests till 9:00 much better than getting up at 5:30 and leaving the house at 6:20 I hate mornings but am slowly getting used to that long ride but the price of fuel is really killing me I filled up Friday at $2.00 per gallon I can still remember .35 per gallon when I started to drive.
My neighbors have a free standing wood burner for sale it is better than the one I have they paid a lot of money for it and it is much more fuel efficent then mine is however they want $400.00 for it that is a great price as I think they orginally paid something like $1200.00 but I can’t do it I just have to restrain from spending money needlessly mine works just fine it is fired up right now I keep my thermostat at 62 degrees and it was damn near there when I woke up LOL that certainly gets you moving in the AM
Enjoy Life
Tim 😉

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