End of another October

I think there is no doubt summer is over most of the leaves in this area are blown down and I think they are all in my yard so another job is waiting for me I should get in that soon.
I was off School Monday and Tuesday I had to go have my testing done for my 5,000.00 grant toward my tuition from Career track since I am officially considered a displaced worker I hated to miss school as your attendance counts toward your final grade but my teachers were understanding and let me take the make up tests Wednesday when I got back that was the last thing I needed after all day Monday and Tuesday with tests all day then I got slammed with 3 on Wednesday I did well on them though so I was happy with that, the first semester will be over next Wednesday then I have 2 days off I love 4 day weekends Monday will be the third part of my residential Theory class final exam we had the first one on device explanation and the proper way to identify them and wire them I missed one part because I forgot to write the symbol for the GFCI outlet so that little mistake gave me a 96% and the second part was a circuit I had to wire on paper I got that one 100% that made me happy now the last part comes Monday with 100 questions must study hard I need 100% on that one. Basic electric final is Tuesday it is a 2 hour test so the teacher told us I need to do good on that one also..
Kelly just stopped over with the grandkids for trick or treat it was nice to see them all dressed up they are so cute I wish I had my digital camera I must go get that back tomorrow. Mom and I went out to eat Chinese for lunch it was delish as usual then we did some work on the trailer getting it winterized I don’t plan on putting heat in it for the winter so I had to drain all the water lines and I put antifreeze in the drains and the toilet that should take care of it at least the water end.
Back to studying…..
Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

3 Replies to “End of another October”

  1. Happy Halloween and good luck on your tests. I hope you get that grant. Have you gone to the internet to apply for grants there too. There are hundreds you can apply for. Good luck.

  2. Hey Tim, congratulations on all of your test scores! You are doing so well. It sure seems like the courses you’re taking are on a fast track. Lots of information in a short period of time. You should be very proud of yourself.

    I’ll bet the grandkids were adorable. I just love seeing the wee ones all dressed up!

    Enjoy your weekend. Forget the leaves, isn’t there a football game on today?!?!?!?!

    Much love, Maggie

  3. Hey Tim!!!!….Sounds like things are going great for you- glad to hear it….Tests can be so hard sometimes, but it seems like the harder the tests are the better I do- who knows though- we shall see when I have my next test next Friday- ughhh lol…Well see ya later hun;)



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