Lazy Day

I am on semester break yesterday and today it has been nice to have 2 days off finals went well Wednesday we just took stuff in for a picnic lunch and sat around and watched movies and did basicly nothing but we got to leave at 11:30 the afternoon class is going to be combined with my morning class there are only about 5 people in it but this is what is going to make it interesting this girl Robin she is young like I think 23 and mouthy and likes attention I pay no attention to her so we never really talked I guess because of my age anyhow this girl Jen is exactly the same as her and they don’t like each other so right off the bat Wednesday within about 2 minutes of the class they start in on each other I thought for sure there would be a cat fight so hard to tell how this semister will turn out Jen is very friendly and she is older I would guess maybe 35 she came right up to me and interduced herself she is very forward and friendly actually she is more likeable then Robin is, It just does not matter to me I just want the education I could care less who is the most popular these girls are going to get themselves both kicked out if it keeps up I bet. In NEC class next semister we need to divide into groups to do studying and to find answers to the chapter review problems, I was not too concerned with teaming up with anybody but after it was announced I got 100% on my finals I was approched by several different groups for studying, like anywhere else you always get people divided into groups I just avoided it because I just want the education and to get on with my life.
Bummer about summer being over it is 45 degrees out today although I enjoy burning wood I miss summer I have had the wood burner going all day, this morning an old driver friend of mine called and asked if I wanted to go to breakfast the one school district we used to work for had a 1/2 day so all the drivers were getting together at Eat N Park so I went it was great seeing all the people I used to work with they made me feel good wanting me to go work for the new company they don’t seem to like their new mechanics. Tonight hopefully Cris and I will go out for dinner then tomorrow Mom just IMed me and wanted to know If I wanted to do lunch and go do some shopping then Sunday we are going to the Shriners Dinner they have all you can eat spagetti dinner so if nothing else I will be eating good this weekend.
I went to the dollar store yesterday to pick up some badly needed cleaning supplies and cleaned my bathroom sparkly clean today I did some studying and got some of my lab projects started so I will be ready to go Monday our first class in the morning is Business managment LOL what a way to start the day then Tech Math, then third and fourth period is lab and 5th is NEC I don’t like they way they planned the day but too bad for me I guess I will get used to it.
Enjoy Life
Tim 😉

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  1. Maybe there is a method to their madness. You may stay awake better for those classes in the mornings. I can not imagine cat fights in college. Boy am I glad I missed all that.


  2. I’m with you Tim. Give me shorts and sandles any day over 45 degree weather! It sounds like you’re doing great in school. Of course everyone is going to want to team up with the smart guy in class!You deserve a pat on the back.



  3. Congratulations on your exams Tim! No wonder everyone wants to team up with you! Brrrr, sounds cold there. Keep that fire burnin’!

    Hmmm, in order to tape the football games for Mark I’d actually have to have the tv tuned to the games. LOL! You silly guy! You really had me laughing there! Hehehe!

    Enjoy your weekend Tim. It sounds like you’re going to busy.

    Much love, Maggie

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