Finished Second Book

I am done with Blood Brothers, and just Finished The Hollow and am about to begin The Pagan Stone so far they have been really good reading I am anxious to begin the third and final book, I may begin it tonight as I am working tomorrow but don’t start till 9:00 so I am thinking I might stay up a little later and start to read some as not much is on TV tonight except for reruns…

Yesterday at work we had an employee come back after 3 months off for knee surgery so I had to spend the day with him catching him up on the safety meetings and the required safety videos and today was the first Thursday of the Month and that is the day we have our safety committee meetings so again I was out of the shop that that is good things are slow and it was nice getting a break from the shop, plus we had time to put up signs on all the doors of the new buildings i wish I had taken my digital camera to work with me as they look really good..
Below is a picture of the shop where i work or I should say have not been working the last couple days I took this with my Blackberry  it takes so much better pictures that my old phone did..

I got to thinking about this new phone in, 1996 I bought my first computer it cost me over $3000.00 LOL and was attached to a phone line and a really slow modem to access AOL Now I have this little phone that has all the internet I need and is wireless LOL I want to live forever just to see what is coming next you have got to love technology……

Enjoy Life