My Weekend

Yesterday I spent the day with my wood splitter and watching football (Steelers Won) I got all my wood split finally all I need to do now is get it all stacked then I will be ready for the cold. Today I took Mom to the doctors for her regular check up all is good and we stopped at Bob Evans for lunch and I went ahead and got my lunch for tomorrow. After I got home I cleaned out my chimney and wood burner and since it was chilly today I fired it up to make sure all is good with it, and it is fine did not take long to warm up in here it is now died out.


Today was cold and wet all day we need the rain so I guess it is all good just I don't like driving in the rain too much but we make it fine. My Aunt Linda is coming to visit from Arizona on Thursday that will be nice she is staying for a week have not seen her for about a year that will be nice we are going out to eat on Sunday Myself, Mom, Aunt Linda , and my cousin Becky that will be fun have not seen Becky for a while I need to keep better in touch..


That is all for now good weekend and back to work tomorrow


Enjoy Life


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