Hospital trip

The trip to the hospital went OK I guess well not good news but then again not bad news we got there around 8:00 we took the back way as construction on 28 has traffic pretty well backed up but we had to wait 2 hours of course till they took him in for the tests so Mom and I went and had breakfast by the time we got back the tests were done and the found 2 aneurisms in the artery beside where they had put the stint 5 years ago and at this time the doctor decided it was too dangerous to try to remove then his chances are better with them than to go through an operation, somday here soon they will have to be addressed. so we came home and I went back to work around 1:00 even though I had the day off I figure I might as well go back I will have plenty of time off here soon…

It is back to the bathroom my goal for today is to get the rest of the floor down and sink installed and plumbed it will be a treat to have a working sink in there I only use it to shave right now so I just take in a bowl of hot water and set it in the sink then dump it in the kitchen sink when I am done it works but I want to get that finished up today. I moved an outlet to a more convenient spot now I have 2 ground fault outlets in there this will be nice. Mom will be coming over as soon as Dad leaves for dialysis I don’t want to work her too much she just wears herself out this is her therapy she likes to keep her mind occupied so as not to worry too much about Dad.

The races were fun last night it tried to rain but stayed dry and we got them in I was totally wore out and could not wait to get home and to bed I slept really good I needed that it is raining today so it will be a good day to stay in and get some stuff done
Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

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