Back to Work Tomorrow

For a weekend it was a little bit too busy, I had a cord of wood sitting here wanting to be split and stacked so I got it all split Sunday before the football games began and what a full day of football fortunatly the Steelers won a nail biter late Sunday night so that was pretty much my day Sunday..

Today i focused on stacking all the wood and got it done around noon then had to make a trip to the post office, and while I was out I went to check on my truck poor thing is sitting there without the bed on it he was working on replacing the bedside, but at least it gave a good view of the rear frame which is not damaged thank goodness it might be another 2 to 3 weeks till it is done. I got the salvage certificate Friday in the mail and the insurance lady called me today and said I can just fax it to her and she will send me the check so that is what i will do from work tomorrow…

That is my life in a quick update work tomorrow i have a stuffed chicken breast and mashed potatoes for lunch that Mom made for me, oh no truck pictures I forgot my camera but will stop and get some shots also we did a lot of cement work at work, pads for outside the doors for the new building and I guess we are putting in a sidewalk this week if the rain holds off I have never done cement work but it was sort of fun but a lot of work turned out great will get pictures of that also…


Enjoy Life


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