It has been a great vacation week despite the rain I really needed this week off I have been getting a lot done I took the cover off my truck bed and loaded it up with crap that both Mom and I wanted to get rid off and took it to the dump, so that was a big job out of the way. I was going to get my old truck fixed but the closer I looked the engine has to come out so right now i am trying to find a garage who will do it I just am not set up to pull an engine in my driveway so decided to just go ahead and pay someone to do it who has the proper equipment for the job. I am working on getting my garage in order and beginning to make repairs on my old Harley really having trouble finding parts thank goodness for the Internet I managed to find and order most everything I need but still it is a big project and I hope to have it done before vacation is over..



This is a picture I took of Mom's back yard this reminds me of another job she needs a new burn barrel maybe I can take care of that job tomorrow as I am waiting for parts to come in.


Mom stopped over with my mail and I had the carburetor off my bike all tore apart and cleaning it on my computer desk LOL she just shook her head she should know me by now oh she gave me her torture device an exercise bike damn that thing is a killer have been trying to lose a few pounds that should either do it or kill me …


Enjoy Life


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