Last Day

Vacations sure do go by fast seems like it just started and here today is my offical last vacation day tomorrow and Monday are my rest days but I was called for overtime tomorrow so as usual I said yes but will still have Monday off things are a lot less stressfull on the weekends so rather than work Monday I chose tomorrow but that is fine time to get back to work at least I did get rested up and a few projects done, Oh speaking of projects Mom decided she wants to get a Gazebo for on her deck it sounds really cool she is going to have it put here on her deck at least all I need to do is dig 8 12" X 36" holes and full with cement for the posts the Gazebo people will do the rest.


On the way to Lowes yesterday I mentioned I need to do something with my front yard I have 3 huge trees and I thought putting something around the bottom would be nice well Mom took off with that and this is what we got done she plans on planting something in there that will grow in the shade will post more pictures when the whole job is done LOL she must be getting bored



Work on my old bike is coming along Mom bought me new clutches for it for my birthday even though it is not till August she went ahead and got them for me now as I needed them. Yesterday both the clutches and the carb kit were delivered so I will finish up rebuilding the carb and finish tearing apart the primary side and begin looking for the drive sprockets and final drive chain and all the seals and gaskets i need.


Enjoy Life


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