Time Off

I have been making progress on my chores I got all the grass mowed and finished the weed eating a few of my ex co workers decided to get together once a month for drinks so we met last night it was a nice little get together but as experience has taught me this never lasts it is work that bonded us all together and without that it will eventually all fall apart and we will all go our own directions but it was nice to see everybody. I filled out all the paperwork for my Cobra insurance it will cost me $283.00 per month it is the coverage I had while working it will be an added strain on my finances but it is medical, dental and eye so I don’t think it is too bad of a deal and if I need it I sure will be glad I kept it. I did my expense report for my last week away and need to send that in. I figured I might as well work on my truck it has not been making heat I thought the problem was the door in the back of the heater box that opens and closes to make heat or Air was not working and it was stuck closed I tried everything I could but could not make the door open my last option was to change the entire heater box Now that is expensive and it is a thing where the entire box it much bigger than the whole to pull it out of which means I need to unbolt the dash lift it drain the entire cooling system to disconnect the heater core a lot of work. Now since I have to replace the heater box anyhow I decided to do a rather un orthodox experiment it is a little embarrassing being I am a good mechanic and I could do the job But I took my dremal tool and cut a hole big enough in the front of the heater box to fit my hand and reached behind the heater core and opened the door, Instant heat LOL it is just a temporary fix I will eventually do it right but at least now I have heat and defrost.

I got a letter from School, Orientation is Tuesday the 24th and school starts the 25th I am anxious to get started I have not started to look for part time work I figure I will see how much homework and studying I will need to do in the evenings so I am not going to even look for about a month than I will look at my finances and see how it is looking.

I am going to take Dad to the hospital tomorrow at Dialysis they messed up the artery they use to hook him to the machine so they have to repair the artery I guess it is not too big of a deal but they need to do it at Shadyside hospital and Mom does not like to drive down there so I told her I would go and drive her usually they do the work on him at St Margaret’s in Fox Chapel but I guess they can’t do that sort of thing there but I don’t mind I have nothing better to do, Even if I did I would still take them down. I have been there before there is an Indian motorcycle dealership right down the road so I will go visit them while I am waiting.

I think I am going to go throw a load of laundry in the washer and maybe take a nap I might as well talk advantage of my time off.

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

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