What to do

Finally my day off it seems to have been a long week, Today i do need to get some grocerysand maybe a little bit of laundry but other than that i don’t know it is looking like rain outside maybe might be a good day to do some cleaning out in the garage or if the rain holds off maybe might cut and split some wood..

I need to go into work tomorrow for a hearing for an employee who needs to be fired due to his abrasive and nasty attitude toward other employees  don’t know how it will turn out I am sure the union will protect him but i am just going to go in and tell how he has been treating me and about the bad argument  plus the verbal abuse he had with the weekend supervisor so we will see I think he will be back and worse now that he knows he can’t be fired.

My truck has been in the shop for a week now,
                                                  [album 78237 truck.jpg]
Oh my old truck it is due for state inspection and needed rear brakes and a brake line was badly rusted and the shop I usually use was really slow so since I was in no hurry for it I went ahead and let them do it I told them I am not in a rush for it so it is still there I still need to do the oil pan gaskets before winter i have been putting that job off but I better get on it..

Enjoy Life


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