Nice Weather

Finally decent weather is upon us in PA Races were fun Friday night no rain and nice and warm they lasted late I did not get home till after 1:00 AM I went right to sleep becuase I knew today was going to be a good one. I did not have anybody to ride with today so the local Harley shop was having an open house from 9:00 till 3:00 to I went and fueled up and thought I would go there and hang out for a while I left here around 10:30 Damn that place was crowded they could have done a better job with the parking but after dodging people for a while I finally found a good spot there was sooo many bikes there I was hoping to take a demo ride on a VRod but way too many people in line so I passed on that and the food line was just as bad I was not all that hungry so I just wandered around outside looking at bikes I ran into a few people I knew and was invited on a couple runs weather permitting I will go one is May second going up to Tionesta that is always a fun place to go I was up there a couple times last summer….

I saw a Boss Hoss I have heard of them but never seen one it is basicly a 502 cubic inch V8 engine with a couple wheels and a seat craziest thing I have ever seen and as I walked around it I saw a nitrous bottle attached Damn the guy would have to be nuts to ride that although secretly I would love to try it out LOL way too much power there for 2 wheels I saw the guy leave of course he put on a show for us it sounded great…

After leaving there I just went for a nice long ride it made it up to 78 degrees today it felt soo good I finally made it home and did a little yard work very little it felt good just to sit out on the porch and have a cup of coffee I think maybe we have winter just so we can better appreciate when it goes away and becomes spring….

My state taxes were rejected I reversed 2 numbers on the school code so I repaired that dumb little mistake I found I could not resend it electriconly I have to print it and send in regular mail, it was no big deal till I found my printer needed ink of all times to run out of ink I just used it for a couple bills I have for mailing in the few bills I can’t pay on line so sometime tomorrow I need to make a trip to Staples for a new ink cartriage.
Nothing is easy…

Tomorrow sometime I have to do a little work on a plant I have in my bethroom I don’t know what it is called but it smells like Vicks Maybe it a vicks plant anyhow it is looking a little sad lack of moisture I guess I have a problem remembering to water my house plants so tomorrow I am going to replant it I also broke the plastic pot it is in and it is so big I want to make it into 3 different pots Mom needs one it will not be too long till I can take them all outside..

Enjoy Life
Tim 😉