The Fourth

Yesterday was great I had a nice ride stopped at a friends houst who I worked with for the last 5 years she was laid off Wednesday I wanted to make shure she was OK and she was so I got a hair cut while I was there and we made plans to go for a ride Monday 2 years ago she won one of them big 1800 CC Honda bikes so we went to riding school together for her to learn how to ride and for me to finally get my bike license after 30 years of riding I figured maybe I might go legal LOL anyhow she is good and her and a friend came to the party last night we all had fun and it was a great fireworks display I left around 11:00 all the heavy drinkers were starting to get roudy so time for me to go home ….

Today Mom stopped over and we went shopping I needed a new register for the bathroom floor, a doop stop and the baseboard and I finally foounf knobs i wanted for the cabinet my fausets are Porcelin and chrome so I had to get matching knobs and finally found the ones that suit me so after that we stopped at Brusters they have the greatest Ice Cream there I had a Brownie sunday just delish. Now am not sure what to do I have another party to go to or maybe I might go to the School bus demolotion derby at the fair I am not sure what I want to do yet it keeps trying to rain and thunder storm so who knows..

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉