A few minutes ago I went to visit the little boys room and I looked out the window and there was this big Doe standing in my back yard eating green apples from the ground I hurried to get the camera but she was almost gone but I did get a quick shot through the screen
[album 78237 deer.jpg]
It is a little hard to make out but you can still see her Bertha hates the deer I am glad she was inside I like having wildlife so close it probably was about 100 feet from the back of my house…
Enjoy Life
Tim 😉

Accepted !!!

I recieved my letter of acceptance from School on Friday I did not see a problem but still it was nice to see and to know for sure I am in Classes start August 25th Wednesday and Monday the 23rd is orientation day the last time i was there it took 1/4 tank to drive up and back I am now wishing I did not have a 4X4 truck but I will be glad in the winter, Oh speaking of my truck in PA you need to have a yearly State inspection performed my truck is due August you can get it done up to 3 months ahead, The last time I had it inspected I was told next time I will need brakes So I made arraingments to have it done while I am away, on the way to the races last night I hit the brakes to pull into the lot and heard that horrible grinding sound, *sigh* I drove home without using brakes unless necessary which with a stick shift it was not too hard to do then this morning off to the auto parts store for brakes and unfortunatly Rotors at $57.00 each but from the grinding noise I heard I knew I would need them. Once I got home I realized I am back to working on my truck in the drivway it has been a long time since I had to do that but at least I had all my tools here and the job went good now it is all done…..

I am not sure what to do the rest of the day I am still on laundry and packing then I realized I am going out of town all next week so I decided to not do much of anything I might as well be lazy since next week is really going to be busy the sun is out right now so maybe I might wax my girl and go for a little ride, I still have not cleaned it up from last weekend and I would not get caught dead on a dirty Harley…

I saw a sign down the road at the local veggie farm the have Sweet Corn for sale I might go get some for dinner I have to get everything used up today and tomorrow that could go bad while I am away and I am going to go see Dad he has surgery on the 15th I guess it is nothing major just a problem with the stints for his Dialysis hook up at least I hope it is not major at least another of my brothers are going down i hate being away for this but if it goes bad I will be on the first plane home…..

Enjoy Life,
tim 😉