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From: Mysticalmagnolia
Date Posted: 25 Apr 2004
Okay Tim, we’ll see who’s fingers hurt by the time we ladies are done with you! Ha ha!
1. How old are you?(I’m letting you off easy here!)
2. What’s your deepest darkest secret? (Be honest!)
3. Who do you think is the sexiest woman on television or in the movies and why?
Have fun! Hugs, Maggie 🙂

Answer #1 Yes Easy I am 50 going on 30..
Answer #2 Oh this is going to be a good one,I got divorced in 1979, In October 1980 my ex wife was arrested for selling drugs, my 2 daughters were going to be taken into protective custody by the athorities, I went to her house scopped them up took them home and filed for custody and got it they were 3 and 5 years old, I put on a smile and did my job raising them as best I could but nobody knows this it was the most horrible time of my life it just sucked all the energy out of me between working 10 hours a day and spending all the rest of my time with them, with their homework, their school projects, finding babysitters, shopping for school clothes, Holidays, packing lunches, and of course the heartache of the teenage years, I survived they are happy productive girls but I feel it almost killed me and I feel guilty even admitting this but
it is what it is….
Question #3 Sharon Stone, I have a weekness for Blonds and I think she is beautiful and she likes to wear these short sexy skirts and long legs that
drive me crazy

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