So Forgetful

I knew when I finally got up this morning that I needed to go to the dollar store so after I got myself together I went and just picked up a few things I knew I needed so after getting home and doing dome odds and ends I was going to put my lunch together for work tomorrow and decided to go ahead and do up my dishes , that is when I remembered why I needed to go to the dollar store, Yes I was out of dish soap, LOL I had just enough left to squeeze out of the bottle but I am still out of dish soap I guess I need to begin to write things down….

Tomorrow I should be awarded my new shift although I have a feeling I will be working Sunday again to cover Larry while he is on vacation but that is fine. I was going to go to the movies today I want to see the new Star Trek movie and also Terminator but it is getting late now maybe tomorrow..

Right now I am going to watch some TV and maybe get to bed early for work tomorrow..

Enjoy Life,


Finally getting Rain

I finally got my grass mowed I did it yesterday and also got my trimming done which is a good thing as today we are finally getting the rain i think we need badly so now it can grow all over again. Also yesterday i worked on finally cleaning out my old truck and getting the carpet cleaned it really needed it, and now on to making all the repairs that I need to get done before inspection time which will be sometime in August..

Sunday there was 5 hungry noisy baby birds in the nest on my porch, but Monday morning it was quiet so i checked and only one was left the other 4 apparently left during the night I wondered why only one was left I guess it was maybe the weaker one Mom kept feeding it all day then early evening it jumped out but could not fly I thought maybe it was not ready and I should put it back in the nest then I saw Mom feeding it on the porch where it landed, so I did a little research on line and found out after they leave the nest the male and female continue feeding them and teaching them how to survive so decided to forget bout it and let nature take it’s course and this morning so sign of it so now I can take down the nests.

Next Monday is Mom’s birthday and I saw advertised on TV a battery powered weed eater and thought that would be the perfect gift for her as she loves to take care of her place and keeps it really nice. So yesterday she mentioned she saw it advertised on TV and said she wants to get one and wanted me to take her up to Lowes and get one, I said OK maybe later this week, then I went over and told her I had planned on buying it for her for her birthday so we went to Lowes and I got it for her, and then stopped and bought her dinner at Red Lobster I love sea food, and after that I brought it home, put it together and charged and batteries it works great and she loves it so that all worked out..

Enjoy Life