Landscaping at work

Today is my first 1/2 weekend i will be getting off it was really nice to know after today i am now finished and beginning my weekend this is going to be a good thing for me a lot of Holidays fall on Sundays and I miss them as Fathers day will be here in a week or 2 Oh and the 4th of july falls on Saturday so I will be getting a nice 3 day weekend.

 I have a dentist appointment Tuesday evening at 7:30 that is the earliest I could get one I am sure I can survive until then although I have been getting a bit cranky but that will be all good after I get a small adjustment…..

Last Thursday the safety committee (including me) spent the day doing some landscaping at work we just had this new building built and our boss said he wanted something done to tidy the place up he did not care what we did so I think he is pleased and i think it looks really good…

I am not sure what I will be doing tomorrow I began to install a new heat exchanger for on my wood burner my old one worked Ok but the motor was starting to make noise so I used my safety points to get a new one and it was delivered yesterday so I want to get that done and out of the way and I see my laundry is getting behind so i might go ahead and throw a load in tonight..

Oh Bertha did not wake me last night……..

Enjoy Life