Rainy day

Today was a wet one but I am pretty sure we needed the rain so it was good i worked inside all day we are slowing down but there was enough work to keep us busy all day so that is good. Still have not received my book I have been waiting for although I have not checked my mail yet and as it was raining all day mom may not have checked it so after I finish this entry I am going to check the mail hopefully it will be there….

The trip to the dentist went good they did a lot of adjustments it needed a lot and today they feel better still a little sore but that is expected so it should go away in a couple days if not then back to the dentist but I have high hopes that it will be Ok..

My lunch is make already for tomorrow just a quick couple sandwiches and some beef stew (out of a can) but Friday Mom is going to make stuffed peppers LOL I love them she was going to start them tonight but she is going to one of her senior functions so I said just wait till maybe tomorrow to make them so am looking forward to them..

Enjoy Life