Race time

I am back from Walmart i exchanged my movie, and got my dishsoap and TP which is except for the movie is what i went for and only spent $94.00 I know expensive TP and dishsoap but i figured since i had my gift card I would go ahead and stock up on some stuff and of course Mom was all about spending my gift card LOL but now I need to do my dishes that I now have soap, Well Ok after the race maybe..

Enjoy the Race


Seasonal work

I thought I would start my day finishing up my wood burner but neither Lowes or home depot have the last piece I need to complete the chimney they both said that sort of pipe is seasonal and they have it all put away, Huh who would have thought, so I came home and did a quick Google search and found the exact part i need so i am going to go ahead and order it I just want that job done and out of the way even if it is "seasonal " 

I also got a gift card from Walmart for $213.00 with the remainder of my safety points so i think I want to co pick up Mom and head to walmart also I need to exchange that movie i bought it did not work correctly it jusped around a lot I still watched it and it is a pretty good movie, i don’t think it is close to Clint Eastwoods best but it was still good, so I am going to get a new one plus I need to stock up on lunch supplies..

Happy Sunday