Another Monday

We have started another week, Sunday was fun with the 3 Questions I learned a lot about my new friends and even made me think on some subjects I have put away I enjoyed it….

It rained all day and was cold I full well intended to build a fire when I got home but the sky cleared up and it got to 61 degrees much better but they are calling for 30s coming the next couple days I am going to be miserable till that crap goes away expecially with my now cold blooded Pick Up…

Today went good I got a lot of work done and the day went fast I got home around 4:30 answered 3 good questions from JanuaryGirl, made dinner and fed Bertha Now I am going to watch some news and maybe take a little speed nap thank goodness I always have laundry to do would not want to be bored

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

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