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From: monstergue
Date Posted: 26 Apr 2004
Ok, here go my three questions:
1. What was the hardest thing about raising your children?
2. Is there anything different that you would have done in your life?
3. Boxers or briefs? *prances off laffing madly*

Answer #1 Oh Boy this is a tough one for me it was all difficult, I think the hardest thing was there were certain things little girls just need a mother for when they first came to live with me they were 3 and 5 years old no problem I would bath them and do their hair and all that little girl stuff but when do you draw the line when they need their privacy and how do you tell them they need to bath and dress themselves and why, I think the talks about growing up and all the changes was the hardest expecially the period thing Mom helped a lot but they were there alone with me when it happened they were both so terribly embarassed at first when they had to tell me but I just acted like it was nothing just a fact of life then I went and bought them their personal things they needed and it all went well but watching my babies grow into women had to be the hardest, as time went by they needed me less and less, that sounds funny as hard as it was raising them the hardest thing was letting go..

Answer #2 When I graduated High School I went to Computer Programming School I think it was 1972 I did well However I did not stick with it if I had I may have been in Bill Gates Shoes but Nooo I could not look ahead all I cared about was getting a job and buying a really fast car and a Motorcycle, My regret is not staying in that business way back then..

Answer #3 Breif’s LOL Very Funny
Tim 😉

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