Finally Friday

Finally Friday at least for me I have a lot of plans for my 2 days off I see today I need to mow can;t believe it after what seems like a never ending winter I am needing to mow but that is Ok I won’t get sick of it till around the end of July so I don’t mind and I have the tractor all ready for action, I know Mom’s grass is beginning to get high so the sooner I get on it the better..

Today at work I did something really stupid but I was lucky one of my safety rules which I preach endlessly is if you are lifting something and it gets away from you of slips out of your hands just let it fall and don’t take a chance on getting hurt so stupid me I was rebuilding brake cylinders and lifting the insides into place, they weigh about 50 pounds, well the last one slipped out of my hands, and I was standing on a ladder and instead of letting it go I reached out to catch it, I did and set it back into place but twisted my wrist in the process, it it not broken or anything like that I was too embarassed to say anything to I took a couple advil’s and sucked it up…Duh… it is fine now just a little sore, don’t know why i did that was not thinking I guess..

Ok am going to watch "Cold Case" then off to bed for some well deserved rest… Day 48 and still holding out

Enjoy Life


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