Electric work and tomato

today was a beautiful summer day nice and sunny and warm I decided to get another job out of the way at mom’s she wanted an outlet out on her deck so she can plug in her awning well that turned into more than i wanted it to, the only way to do it right was to run a new circuit from the breaker box and on her double wide the area where she wanted the outlet well there is not wood on the outside wall it is just fiber board under the siding what a pain in the ass to get an old work box there and secure but I prevailed and she now has electric in the deck but I was hot and tired so i am going to wait to put the outlet on the side of the deck I have the wire run and hooked up just need to put the outlet there I have had enough for one day..

when i came home I was craving Tuna noodle casserole I had all the supplies so I went ahead and made it so that takes care of dinner and lunch for tomorrow going to be odd working Tuesday I have had Tuesdays off for so long but don’t worry I will get used to it, Oh my tomato is getting bigger and there is a little one beside it I need to keep watering it due to lack of rain but at least the grass is not growing too fast..
Enjoy Life


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