Harsh Day

Our weather has improved but I have not I finally caught the bug that has been going around work I was a little sick yesterday but today i think I peaked I was so miserable my head was all stuffed up I had a headache and my damn nose ran all day i never imagined I had that much water in my head and it still has not stopped it was so bad that i had to roll up little pieces of paper towel and stick up my nose for it to stop long enough for me to call dispatch and make arraignments for the north power tonight, I went after work and bought some Coricidin Cold and flu but it has not helped yet but I have high hopes that I will feel better tomorrow at least I have 2 days off to recover, Saturday I had to send extra power North because the are starting to haul coal again 50 car loads had to go from Mosgrove to Buffalo this is good news coal is money for the railroad and that means continued work for me I hope it keeps up..

I am starting to not even think about smoking maybe because I am so sick but I realized today I did not even think about it so for that I am thankful maybe i can kick this thing easier that i thought today is day 20, a month ago I did not think I could go an hour without one..

the weather people are calling for snow Monday night into Tuesday but i don’t care at this point I have enough wood to last me another month I just have to work for it a little bit it is under a tarp beside my garage it is my back up supply it needs cut smaller and split but that is Ok at least I have it and plan on staying nice and toasty till it warms up, Oh My Harley started yesterday so I still need to clean it up and the first 70 degree day i will be out……….

Enjoy Life